Agriturismo San Giovanni in Arzachena

Nature can offer amazingly beautiful sceneries to those who commit themselves to it and these images will be impressed indelibly in their memory and soul. Smells and flavours are everywhere, deep sensations which are impossible to recreate since they can give the best of themselves only if they are felt and tasted on the spot. In such occasions, landscapes and tastes are mixed up together in a harmony which strengthens and restores both mind and spirit. For these reasons, starting from these premises and deeply in love with the beauty of this Sardinia they revere, with the amazing landscapes of Costa Smeralda, Agriturismo San Giovanni, set in Arzachena, decided to welcome all of those who are looking for a place where rest and flavour are combined together to offer a unique holiday experience. An easily reachable place where nature and tranquillity are predominant, , which will offer you a wonderful experience, made of irresistible landscapes and natural products. Hospitality, amazing landscapes and good cooking are the main ingredients that our Agriturismo San Giovanni offers to his clients, taking care of their wellness.

In The Agriturismo San Giovanni in Arzachena you will find only natural and good quality products, exactly as in the agricultural company which is associated with it. This company carries out its activity in total respect of the land, the plants and the animals which it cultivates and breeds, taking care also of the people who are looking for a different kind of nutrition, healthy and tasty. Cultivated accurately and passionately, these ingredients will satisfy your palate and this meat, coming from animals bred with cure and love, will serve as high quality raw material. This project is carried out thanks to a passion which has been handed down from father to son for over 30 years, preserving the most important heritage: the love for the land and the nature together with the knowledge and the experience necessary for working on it. A family run business which bears inside the humility and warmth typical of this kind of companies and takes care of the farm-house with a welcoming attitude based on simplicity and politeness in the services. This approach makes this a unique place, which combines the Sardinian nature with a comfortable and well equipped structure. You will enjoy natural plantations, realised in a green house, accurately cultivated in order to produce fresh dishes, made of unique vegetables and fruits, together with the flavour and taste of meat coming from a livestock which is carefully looked after. This matching will be delightful, resulting in the dishes prepared by our skilled cooks. In this way you will have the choice of numerous gastronomic specialities made by our chefs, directly in our restaurant. These dishes are closely related to our local cookery tradition and are realized only with raw materials which are accurately selected. Our ingredients come from our plantations or livestock or from other agricultural companies in the neighbourhood, which are chosen due to the attention they give in making their products. A unique and unforgettable journey into tastes and flavours of Sardinian cooking. 

The surroundings of our farm-house in Arzachena are one of the most beautiful and characteristic areas not only in Sardinia, but in the whole Italy, being able to offer fabulous and unforgettable landscapes, which are known and appreciated all over the world. You will have the chance to walk through the wonderfully lush Mediterrean scrub or to relax on the amazingly restful beaches of the Costa Smeralda. Thanks to these unique and breath-taking natural attractions your staying with us will be unforgettable.

The high-quality products, the fabulous beauty of the place and its position easily reachable make this farm-house a perfect place for those who are in need of staying far from the chaos and uproar of the city, looking for a place which is truly relaxing. We will be at your disposal with our high qualified staff, carefully selected for its experience in the field, the passion for its work and the politeness they treat our clients with. In this way you will be sure to live a unique experience, in a world surrounded by nature, which will be able to strengthen and restore both mind and spirit. You can live such an experience only at the Agriturismo San Giovanni in Arzachena.