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The farm-house

The farm-house

IOur Farm-house in Arzachena is the perfect place to spend your holidays. In San Giovanni farm-house you will find nice food, a wonderful view, comfortable rooms and an impeccable staff, both warmly welcoming and highly qualified for cooking. These are the fundamental ingredients to let you enjoy your different, remarkable and relaxing stay.

The rooms

The rooms

If you decide to spend your holiday at our wonderful farm-house, you will have the opportunity to have some rest in the fabulous rooms which are prepared specifically for you, so that you can have a relaxing and unforgettable stay during your holiday. You will have at your disposal a real Bed and breakfast in our farm-house in Arzachena.

Agricultural company

Agricultural company

We offer you the products coming from our agricultural company and realised with love and passion. We have based on simplicity the relationship between us and the nature all around us in a very direct and easy way and following the most important rule: if we take care of our plants and animals with due love, they will thank us with precious and tasty gifts, to be shared with the others.

Farm-house in Arzachena

In our farm-house in Arzachena you will realise to be in one of the most beautiful and characteristic places not only in Sardinia, but in the whole Italy, which is able to offer fabulous and unforgettable landscapes, known and appreciated all over the world. You will have the chance to walk through the wonderfully lush Mediterrean scrub or to relax on the amazingly restful beaches of the Costa Smeralda. An place easily reachable where nature and tranquillity are predominant, which will offer you a wonderful experience, made of spectacular landscapes and natural products. Hospitality, amazing landscapes and good cooking are the main ingredients that the Agriturismo San Giovanni offers to his clients, taking care of their wellness.

Agriturismo San Giovanni

In the Agriturismo San Giovanni you will find only natural and good quality products, exactly as in the agricultural company which is associated with it. This company carries out its activity with total respect for the land, the plants and the animals which it cultivates and breeds, taking care also of the people who are looking for a different kind of nutrition, healthy and tasty. You will enjoy natural plantations, realised in a green house, accurately cultivated in order to produce fresh dishes, made of unique vegetables and fruits, together with the flavour and taste of meat coming from a livestock which is carefully looked after. This matching will be delightful, resulting in the dishes prepared by our skilled cooks. In this way you will have the choice of numerous gastronomic specialities made by our chefs, directly in our restaurant. These dishes are closely related to our local cookery tradition and are realized only with raw materials which are accurately selected. A unique and unforgettable journey into the tastes and flavours of the Sardinian cooking.

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Agriturismo San Giovanni

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Agriturismo San Giovanni

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