Bed and breakfast in Arzachena

Nature is an amazingly beautiful journey to get involved in. Seeing places, living experiences, collecting memories. There are many different opportunities, most of all in a wonderful land such as Sardinia, which offers many ideas and suggestions to those willing to catch these hints. At the same time, however, nature requires many energies to be properly enjoyed. So, at the end of the day, after having followed desires and lived the territory at best, wishes and ambitions which each of us carries inside in a holiday period, it is necessary to be sure to come back in a comfortable and familiar place, which gives us the chance to relax our body, even if our mind has been fully restored during the day. For this reason, Agriturismo San Giovanni offers to his clients some rooms with Bed and Breakfast in Arzachena formula. In this way you will be able to profit from the surrounding landscape with all of its proposals, from the typically Sardinian welcoming attitude, our wonderful and enviable sea, with its relaxing beaches and from all the cookery specialities of our rich tradition.

If you decide to stay at our wonderful farm-house, you will have the opportunity to have some rest in the fabulous rooms which are prepared specifically for you. Special spaces, realised so that they can give you the best comfort even if you are surrounded by nature, so that you will profit from the peace and tranquillity to be found only these areas together with the modern and present ease. You will have at your disposal a real Bed and breakfast in our farm-house in Arzachena, into the green and the nature which allows you to live a rural experience having the broadest freedom of action and movement. We offer to our clients, facing Sardinian beautiful landscapes, the opportunity of a room with breakfast, both in single and in double rooms, all of which are comfortable and cosy. In such a way, even if you’re far from home, in a place very different from your own, you can experience the same warmth and familiarity which you thought possible only at your place. We think that this is a fundamental requisite to live at best your holiday spot. All our services are at your disposal both for long and short periods of stay.

You can enjoy all of this even only for a weekend, if you’re looking for a relaxing and pleasing place, where you can restore yourself despite the short time at your disposal. In the offered service a rich morning breakfast is included as well: it is prepared by our chefs with ingredients which are always fresh and genuine and are accurately singled out from agricultural companies in the surroundings. These are selected taking into account the quality of their products and the work they do on their fields. Alternatively, the ingredients you will find at your table are taken directly from our agricultural company, which provides us with high quality and tasty raw materials always with love and passion. So you will be able to start the day always with a rich breakfast, made of the seasonal fresh products coming from our land and prepared according to what nature offers to us. The best way to face the new day beginning in front of us with a lot of energies, so that we are able to live it in the best way. In fact, the beautiful landscape of the Mediterranean scrub will always surround you, offering many choices for how to live your holiday, walking around to discover new places or relaxing after a day spent in the crystal-clear water of our beautiful sea, only a few kilometres away from our structure.

Our services are available both during the summer and in Christmas and Easter feast days. Our high qualified staff will be at your disposal so that you can have the best possible stay, helping you to make all the desires and dreams of relax and amusement one usually has when they go on holiday come true. All the personnel is carefully selected for its experience in the field, the passion for its work and the politeness they treat our clients with.
In this way you will be sure to have a delightful stay at Agriturismo San Giovanni, with bed and breakfast service in Arzachena.