Agricultural company in Arzachena

After many years spent in putting into our mouth products which were all but natural, now we are witnessing a new attention to nutrition, which is becoming more accurate and meticulous. For a very long period we have been eating food that, in order to be aesthetically perfect and at our disposal throughout the whole year and in big quantity, had to be covered and filled with a high number of chemical additives during its cultivation: the purpose was to protect the food from external factors and make it grow so that it was numerous and appealing, whichever conditions and climate there may be. This shallowness in choosing the products to be brought to our table had consequences for the health and the taste, only to accomplish a comfort which isn’t natural at all. Over the last years, however, we started acknowledging our mistakes, coming back to a healthier nutrition. This decision must take into account also a more accurate and informed choice of the products. We started again to gain information on what we buy, which will be used in the preparation of dishes and will end up inside our bodies. We started again to be aware of what we buy from worthy sellers, being sure that health is a serious matter and it depends also on nutrition. We have finally found out that it’s time that we go back to healthy and natural food.

Well aware of this matter, our agricultural company in Arzachena has been carrying out its work for over 30 years with seriousness and passion, being sure that the cultivation of the land is a broad and complicated sector, made of a mixture of many different details, which requires constant and precise actions. However, it as a wonderful field which proves to be amazing for the variety of products which can offer to people, giving them as precious and tasty gifts. Just working the land with respect and patience and having a relationship with animals based on love and attention gives a chance to realise that taste and happiness are reachable for us. The feeling of pride when a plant gives the first fruits after attentive cures throughout the years or while seeing an animal growing up thanks to the healthy and natural nutrition which is given to it is a priceless satisfaction, especially if there is also the joy to share these ingredients with the clients, so that they can take part in it as well. Only with first quality ingredients it is possible to prepare exceptional, unique and special dishes.

We should keep in mind that, for their growth, such natural products need cures and attentions which are particular, special and different from one plant to another and from one animal to another, measures which can be offered only by one who has a good deal of experience and passion. Only in this way it will be possible to enjoy the incredible sensations coming from tasting these authentic products. Our history of cultivators and breeders goes back for more than 30 years and allows us now to offer high quality products. The permanent updating and the unceasing research of everything that can make our work better, without distorting the quality of the products we deal with are a guarantee that, if you rely on us, you will have a highly professional service.

For this reason we offer to you the ingredients produced in our agricutural company in Arzachena, cultivated with love and passion. We have based on simplicity the relationship between us and the nature all around us in a very direct and easy way and following the most important rule: if we take care of our plants and animals with due love, they will thank us with precious and tasty gifts, which we can eat in tranquillity, with joy for our palate and security for our health. A very simple attitude, which is fundamental for our company. In our fields and in our green houses we grow vegetables and we breed pigs and bovines in our pastures, so that we can always offer high quality products to our Agriturismo San Giovanni: these are various and fresh, to prepare unique and unforgettable dishes, inspired to the Sardinian cookery tradition and made by the skilled and talented hands of qualified chefs. We are waiting for you in our lands so that you can touch by hand our natural productions. 

We will be pleased, moreover, to tell you what lies behind the taste and flavour of our products. We are sure that you will be impressed by the attention and the hard work made by all the workers of this ancient and humble agricultural company in Arzachena in the field cultivation and in the breeding methods. Only if we respect nature we can enjoy its natural and tasty fruits.